From Doctors

“Cassandra Nelson has been intimately involved The Fertile Soul retreat process, and is the only practitioner in South Carolina [who knows] The Fertile Soul Method. Cassandra is deeply involved in continuing education, staying abreast of the latest fertility care, both Western and Eastern. Her compassion is unsurpassed; I recommend Cassandra Nelson to take care of your reproductive health.”
-Randine Lewis, LAc, PhD, Author of The Infertility Cure, Founder of The Fertile Soul & the Continuing Excellence in Fertility Practitioners (CEFP)

“Cassandra Nelson has helped hundreds of women and couples to unravel their obstructions to fertility. Patients and practitioners are very lucky to have her in their community and should feel safe, relaxed and confident in her work.”
-Dr. Robin Saraswati Markus, DAOM, LAc, RYT, Nourishing Life Center. Author of The Yoga of Fertility

“I believe that Cassandra appreciates the complementary nature of Eastern and Western medicine, and because of that has helped many of the therapies that I have prescribed work better. Her in depth knowledge as an acupuncturist and herbalist make her one of my go-to authorities on the use of alternative medicine for my infertility patients.”
-Paul Miller, MD, Fertility Center of the Carolinas

“Cassandra Nelson has a close, caring relationship with all of her patients and is truly dedicated to patients’ health. I am confident in the excellent care she provides to our patients and I know she is a significant asset to our team.”
-John Payne, MD, PREG Fertility Centers

“Cassandra Nelson and I have shared many patients who have utilized the combination of Eastern and Western medicine strategies and this has resulted in numerous pregnancies. I have confidence that the couples who choose to participate in her program will benefit greatly.”
-John Nichols, MD, PREG Fertility Centers

From Patients

“Cassandra is one of the kindest and most caring people that I have ever met. Not only did she help me with my pregnancy journey, but she also helped me become a better and healthier person. She was always reassuring and concerned about my needs and hopes for treatment. I turned to acupuncture after four months of Femera and treatment by a fertility clinic. We looked at all aspects of why I had not been able to conceive yet, instead of just relying on a pill. We talked about and changed my diet. We talked about emotional issues and stressors and how to deal with them. I continued exercising and we began tracking my cycle each month along with regular acupuncture treatments. Within three months, I was pregnant! Unfortunately, I miscarried at eight weeks. But Cassandra helped me cope with the loss and assured me that I could get pregnant again since we beat that first hurdle. We waited one cycle and the next cycle I became pregnant again! I carried this baby to full term, going in to labor 7 days before my due date naturally with the help of acupuncture. I saw Cassandra throughout my pregnancy and truly believe that her guidance made it so successful. I had zero complications and delivered a very healthy baby girl last August.
-Meredith Boyd, 32, Greenville, SC

“Cassandra Nelson is an extremely informed, dedicated, and compassionate practitioner for physical health and emotional well-being. She offers excellent guidance and support with complete professionalism. Cassandra is honest, kind, and is a great listener who genuinely cares for her patients and maintains the highest level of confidentiality. Her commitment to her patients is outstanding! I have learned a great deal from Cassandra about self-care…from diet and nutrition to stress management in my life. I have seen a remarkable improvement in my overall health since my first visit. She has helped me better understand my body’s natural system, and has helped me live a healthier lifestyle through her tremendous knowledge and expertise. I have had numerous family members and friends comment that I look much healthier, and that I seem to feel better since I started treatments with Cassandra. Acupuncture is a very relaxing experience with little or no pain. I can certainly recommend Cassandra for treatment!”
-T.B., Age 47, Easley, SC

“For more than a year, my regular doctor tried to fix my problem with infertility and irregular monthlies through medication—which made my problems worse. He referred me to a specialist, who proceeded to give me test after test each month with no real results. He started labeling me as “infertile with no known reason” and began bringing up the topic of IVF and more intense treatments, which may result in pregnancy but would do nothing for my painful and too-irregular bleeding. Fortunately, a friend recommended acupuncture to me, and after some research, it became obvious that Cassandra was one of the best in the business. It took me more than an hour to drive to her office, and despite the information she gave me about infertility, health, diet, and keeping track of symptoms (which my other doctors had never mentioned), I was still dubious that some herbs and slender needles would make a difference.
In about three months, she turned my health around in a way that a year and a half with my regular doctor and the specialist hadn’t been able to do. My menses were regular, and my basal body temperature showed that I was ovulating—something my specialist had worried I wouldn’t be able to do.
In six months, I was pregnant.
My only regret is that I didn’t go to Cassandra sooner. Since my experience, I’ve become very outspoken about the benefits of acupuncture, and many friends have said they’ve had similar results. Acupuncture has, without a doubt, changed my life for the better, and given me the family I’d been praying years for.”
-Beth R., Union Mills, NC

It was not my first experience with acupuncture treatment, but it was the best. My husband, who I persuaded to see Cassandra, was very skeptical initially but he changed his mind quickly and told me how nice it was to get a portion of serenity at the Acupuncture Center of Greenville. Cassandra is a great listener and great healer. After the acupuncture session, we would feel much better. Cassandra has a gentle touch that made us so comfortable, and we would completely forget that there were needles involved.”
-LB, Greenville, SC

“I can not say enough good things about Cassandra. She is the whole package and knows her stuff. She is kind, caring, and takes the time to really understand you, listen to you, and advise you. I have been a patient for 6 months and credit my high egg and subsequent high embryo quality following egg retrieval in great part to her. She has helped me both physically and mentally. From her dietary recommendations to her herbal supplements, and her acupuncture. She is the best!”
-A.D, 34, Greenville, SC

“My husband and I have gone through a long struggle to have a baby. We were becoming desperate and very frustrated after attempting three in-vitro pregnancies and having several miscarriages. I decided to seek alternative medicines to ease the struggle and help us become parents.First I went to another acupuncturist at a different location, and I was disappointed that she did not bother to ask about any medical history. I was also not satisfied with the lack of professionalism to include call backs, office appearance and documentation.
So we decided to go to Greenville and try Cassandra. I was very impressed with the medical history documentation and the thorough initial consultation. I felt like Cassandra was really going to study our situation and provide for us her best possible services.
After our consultation, I soon realized that I was pregnant. Because of our history of miscarriages, I was extremely nervous and knew I still needed help to carry the pregnancy to term. Cassandra helped me in so many ways and I am convinced the ONLY reason I was able to carry to term was because of her treatments. She reassured me with positive affirmations and also helped me become balanced and cleared my mind of negative thoughts. I was able to carry my high-risk pregnancy with no complications, healthy and to full term.
Today we have a beautiful little boy. Thank you so much Cassandra. We appreciate you and grateful for your dedication and healing hands. I would recommend her services to anyone.”
-S.B., Spartanburg, SC

“After 4 years of trying on our own and seeking assistance from fertility doctors with no success and no definitive infertility diagnosis, I decided to take a more natural approach and give acupuncture a try. Cassandra helped me understand how diet, exercise, and stress all contribute to reproductive health. She gave great suggestions about diet options and the acupuncture sessions were so relaxing that I actually got a nice little nap in sometimes! Within the first month I could feel the difference in my body and my mind – I just felt better all around. After six months of treatment we were happily surprised to find out I was pregnant, and we now have a beautiful daughter. When we’re ready to start trying for our next child, Cassandra will be the first person I call!”
-B.R., Greenville, SC

I want to express my deep gratitude to Cassandra

for listening to my heart and my body, for tenderly caring for me in true ways, even before I was aware of where I was. Your care has been a treasure to me on my healing journey and I am eternally grateful to have been sent to you and for your grace to receive me and minister to me. Gratefully …

-S.M., Greenville, SC

“Wow! What a great experience! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for awhile now. We went for a visit to my OBGYN and he informed us that we would need fertility treatment to conceive. My cycle was every 40 days instead of the “normal” 28 days. We left the doctor feeling really discouraged knowing what was probably ahead of us. I do not like the idea of taking medicine that is not necessarily needed to be healthy so I very quickly started to search for other options. A few friends had mentioned Acupuncture to me saying that it helped them conceive. I found Cassandra via her website and made an appointment. The very first visit was wonderful! My husband and I both felt so much better after we left. We immediately had high hopes. It just felt right. Everything she said seemed to make sense and I had a new understanding of what was going on in my body. I continued to see Cassandra once a week for a month. After the 3rd visit I ovulated “on time”. We are now pregnant! We never imagined that it would happen so quickly!! This was just a wonderful experience for us. We are so thankful! We have already started to spread the word of our success story and we will continue to encourage our friends and family to take advantage of Chinese Medicine, through Cassandra, of course. God bless Cassandra for the wonderful work she does!”
-Lisa Stone, Age 26, Westminster, SC

After struggling for several years with a weak left foot and ankle due to a broken foot, poor balance, and several lower back surgeries, I needed help. I had been wearing a brace on my left leg and foot but my leg and ankle kept getting worse. Finally, my brother suggested acupuncture and my massage therapist recommended Cassandra. She has been a wonderful help as circulation has improved all over my body. She also suggested more walking to get all my muscles working together… I am now walking a fairly long distance… and ready to give up the brace on my left leg. For several years, I worried that my weak body was just getting worse and I am only 75 years old. Cassandra’s treatments and her suggestions have changed me so much and given me a very positive outlook on life.
-ERF., Age 75 , Greer, SC

“My husband and I were trying to have a baby for the last 4 years. Initially we were very optimistic and did not expect any problems. So we try, and try, and try again. With each failed attempt it was harder to stay positive. After a year we went to see reproductive specialist and started to try different treatments. We tried almost everything without any luck. We felt hopeless. At that point we heard about Cassandra and decided to try acupuncture. And I am very happy we did! From the beginning it really helped me to restore some harmony in my thoughts. After combining traditional treatment and acupuncture I was able to conceive and we had our first baby recently! We want to thank Cassandra for helping with our journey to become parents, to bring such a joy to our life!”
-L., Age 33

Cassandra has given me so much concerning my sleep issues. I had problems falling asleep for a very long time because when I went to bed, my mind would start racing and thinking about all kinds of things, and my body then also tensed up. I tried sleeping pills for a long time, but did not like using them on a regular basis. I even read books about “how to fall asleep” and followed what they said, but nothing ever really worked. After I started acupuncture and an herbal powder that Cassandra recommended, I started to fall asleep much more easily. After about a month, there was a night when I felt too tired to get up and use the herb, so I rolled over and fell asleep on my own! Except for a few nights here and there due to a change in my usual evening routine, I have been sleeping on my own for a few weeks now!! It is wonderful! She has also helped with a tendinitis/bursitis pain I get in my shoulder, and we are now going to start working on some arthritis that I have. People too easily dismiss acupuncture, but I would highly recommend trying it, especially with Cassandra.
-E.M., Greenville, SC

“A beautiful, hopeful source of help for someone at any stage of the fertility journey.” 
-Esme Carter, Age 34, Greenville, SC

“After struggling for months with an irritated bladder after an infection and trips to see specialists that couldn’t figure out what was wrong, I decided to try a new approach. I found Cassandra doing a simple web search, and who knew that would lead me to an angel who would lead me to healing. Cassandra is very patient and willing to listen. She believed, as I did, that stress was at the root of my problem. She helped give me all the tools I needed– an exercise routine, a diet that would help soothe my painful bladder and even breathing exercises to help me relax in between sessions. My body immediately reacted to the sessions, and I felt my body healing slowly, but surely. After about 5 months, my pain had reduced greatly and I was able to slowly start reintroducing foods into my diet. I was eating normally and pain free after about 8 months. I continued maintenance sessions with Cassandra until I moved from Greenville. Cassandra was about to refer me to an acupuncturist in my new city who is continuing my maintenance. If you are considering acupuncture or looking for a new acupuncturist, I can’t recommend Cassandra more. She gave me the tools I needed to help put my body back on a healing path, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you Cassandra for all the love and healing patience you showed me during a time when I needed it the most.
-Channon Hanna, Greenville, SC

“In October 2009, my husband and I were devastated by the loss of our first pregnancy. After consulting with each other and our doctor, we decided that based on our fertility circumstances, IVF was the best approach for us. We quickly began doing research and were surprised to find various studies that suggested that acupuncture given immediately before and after IVF could possibly increase the success rate of the procedure. We immediately knew that we wanted to do whatever we could to make the first round of IVF count so in January 2010 I went for my initial appointment with Cassandra. Cassandra was extremely supportive and informative. She made me feel positive and uplifted about the journey to parenthood that my husband and I were experiencing. When the day came for the IVF procedure to take place, Cassandra was there as an extension of our support system. I received acupuncture immediately before and after the procedure. In February 2010 I found out we were expecting twins! There is no doubt in my mind that Cassandra played a major role in the success of the IVF procedure. We are forever grateful to Cassandra and plan to use acupuncture again in the near future!”
KES, Age 29, Greenville, South Carolina