IUI / IVF Support

Fertility Acupuncture can aid you in every part of your fertility journey.


Many studies state that utilizing fertility acupuncture at least 8 weeks prior to an IVF Retrieval can improve your chances by 60%.


How much fertility acupuncture is right for me?
Everyone is different because you start from your own path!


While I will always meet you where you are, I encourage most patients to start treatments with me 3 months before their scheduled treatment, as it takes 90 days for folliculogenesis or spermatogenesis, meaning it takes 3 months to see qualitative changes in follicle or sperm health. The patients that start preparing their mind and body months before their IVF see changes in stress levels and mood balance, see an increase in AMH levels and a decrease in FSH levels, and even find their relationship with their partners strengthen.


I also work with you in the days surrounding your IVF Transfer or IUI. I offer BEFORE & AFTER treatments to optimize your procedure and help your body increase its Relaxation Response to allow for increased circulation and encourage implantation.


I work with you to truly Unwind ~ Nurture ~ Heal to prepare for pregnancy and baby as you go through your IVF or IUI process.

Fertility Acupuncture with Chinese Medicine and Fertility Coaching can significantly improve your chances for a healthy pregnancy.


Fertility Acupuncture can:

    • Support treatments you are receiving from your RE/OBGYN
    • Reduce the side effects of ART medications
    • Correct hormone imbalances that may be preventing conception
    • Improve circulation and blood flow to ovaries and uterus to help 1) improve ovarian function, 2) improve follicle quality, and 3) aid embryo implantation
    • Reduce stress by lowering your fight or flight response to the fertility journey